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Premier League Match Previews Saturday 23rd September 2017

23 Sep 2017 07:34:47
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Previews Saturday 23rd September 2017

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Premier League Match Previews Sunday 10th September

10 Sep 2017 04:45:08
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Previews Sunday 10th September

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Tottenham Hotspur Season Review

03 Sep 2017 06:02:57
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Tottenham Hotspur Season Review

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30 Aug 2017 21:07:02
Hi Ed, with the window due to close any likelihood United have or will go back for Ivan Perisic or is that dead now?

{Ed002's Note - probably not.}

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31 Aug 2017 07:42:43
Hi Ed02,
sorry if this reads stupid.
But a little confused with your answer.
Do you mean United probably won't go back for Perisic or do you mean that the interest is probably not dead just yet?

{Ed002's Note - I would forget Perisic for no.}

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31 Aug 2017 09:29:26
Thanks for the reply Ed2 :)
Sad that we are not after him now. Would really have liked another winger/ attacker joining.

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Liverpool v Arsenal Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

28 Aug 2017 07:29:58
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Arsenal Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

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27 Aug 2017 13:00:31
Hi Ed's hoping you're having an enjoyable weekend.
Just curious, seeing they have brought it quite a lot this summer do you expect Milan to still make some signings in this last few days of the market?
I'm asking because I heard they want to sell at least 3-4 players, which might make them slightly short on depth.

cheers Ed's sorry for the trouble again.

{Ed002's Note - Milan are indeed moving a few on and are still working on a midfield player and a striker as priorities.}

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28 Aug 2017 21:46:30
Thank's always Ed for your reply, any idea though on the names they're targeting late in this window?

{Ed002's Note - The likes of Renato Sanches and Rafinha for midfield & the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Diego Costa and Andrea Belotti as striker options.}

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24 Aug 2017 22:07:29
Hi eds hope alls well, i know they are young but is there any interest in moise kean and umar sadiq at all? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - they are children.}

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24 Aug 2017 22:47:14
Wouldnt go that far sadiq is 20? How old is marcus rashford . i agree moise is a lot younger.

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25 Aug 2017 08:56:37
Kean just signed a new deal like 2 weeks ago.

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25 Aug 2017 09:37:12
ah right cheers.

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24 Aug 2017 12:10:58
Afternoon edds. Can you give any details on the meeting with representatives considering Barcelona and Juve over Andre Gomes, is the player unhappy and are Barcelona keen to move him on? As he's not really performed well there has he? You previously stated very unlikely now I'm assuming circumstances have changed?

{Ed002's Note - Andre Gomes is on the surplus list for Barcelona and they want to sell him. There is interest from elsewhere but Juventus want a loan. That does not suit Barcelona. Me Des knows this and has asked Juventus to look to a purchase or a loan to buy (no option) - which will suit Barcelona if completed by next June only.}

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25 Aug 2017 08:57:13
Seems their discussions have broken down. Shame. He could have been a good signing.

{Ed002's Note - It looks like premature textualation got my reply. "Me Des" is not my gangster name, it is meant to be Mendes. As I explained, the situation yesterday was that Barca need a sale or a loan to buy guaranteed by next June. Juve want a loan - perhaps with an option to buy. I very much doubt thi si the last we have heard of AG this window - as Barcelona are pushing to move him on. I have flown back in to England first thing today and have yet tried to catch up at all.}

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25 Aug 2017 17:08:55
Ok doke mate. Haha. Premature textualatuon! Good one. Your mrs must be proud 😉
Wonder if marchiso injury may change their minds. (Juve)
Thanks for the replies Edd. Appreciate your time.

{Ed002's Note - They are.}

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24 Aug 2017 11:45:25
Eds is it true that Inter and Juve are trying to sign Mustafi? Arsenal only just got him (and have no CBs as it is! ) .

If it is true, would Juve be open to selling or swapping Rugani? Or would Milan let Romagnoli go?

Thanks guys :)

{Ed002's Note - Arsenal spoke with Inter about Brozovic and Inter asked about Mustafi as they are looking for a centre back and have lost out on all of their preferred options - they may want a loan to buy. Juventus also want a centre back and may have asked about him but are chasing others as a priority. Again they have been unable to secure their first options.}

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24 Aug 2017 20:16:00
Evening Ed.

Is there anything happening with Brozovic to Arsenal?

Are Arsenal open to selling Mustafi or are teams just asking about him? Seems strange we would let him go. Are there any replacements you know about (if Arsenal are open to selling him)?

Thanks a lot for the reply.

{Ed002's Note - There is interest as I said - and have said since Christmas. If he leaves the there will be a replacement - and players Arsenal have been interested in may come back in to play.}

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24 Aug 2017 21:57:03
I pray that you're talking about Lemar and Danilo Pereira! Lord knows we need some quality in this team.

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Liverpool v Hoffenheim Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

24 Aug 2017 07:26:29
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Hoffenheim Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

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Jean Michael Seri

22 Aug 2017 21:48:37
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new player profile about, Jean Michael Seri

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21 Aug 2017 10:04:44
Hi guys/ EDs,

Apologies if this has already been answered, I've tried the search function but couldn't find the answer.

What is the latest with Cancelo? I have seen the footage of him after a game getting very emotional, people suggesting that it was his last game. Has he been sold to Inter, and Kondogbia gone the other way on loan?

Thanks in advance and great job on the site!

{Ed002's Note - Cancelo and Kongdogbia are due to switch clubs today on loan to buy deals - but the paperwork will take a few days.}

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19 Aug 2017 12:03:41
Good Afternoon - do you see any clubs moving to sign Andrea Belotti this window? Thanks in advance!

{Ed002's Note - Yes there are clubs interested in Belotti still.}

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19 Aug 2017 14:26:14
Thank you.

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Hoffenheim v Liverpool Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

16 Aug 2017 06:26:17
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Hoffenheim v Liverpool Match Review - A Liverpool Perspective

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15 Aug 2017 23:04:14
Ed, strong reports have come out stating that Juve are really pushing to get Spinazzola to return from Atalanta. Also, on the most recent Sharkopod you mentioned that Juve were trying to get a deal done for Ricardo Pereira.

My question, is Spinazzola an alternative to Pereira or would they like to take both players?

{Ed002's Note - I cannot account for reports you are reading. Juve are running around trying to sort much out.}

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16 Aug 2017 09:07:01
Cheers, Ed.

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02 Aug 2017 23:17:39

Are juventus likely to let dybala leave for Barcelona?


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02 Aug 2017 14:42:28
Hi 002.
Can you tell me if inter milan are interested in martial from united and will manchester united let martial go on loan or sell him to inter?

{Ed002's Note - They would be happy to sell him.}

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02 Aug 2017 17:54:27
Cheers ed i had a feeling that was The case i'm a little torn because he has shown glimpses of good form just don't see him and jose getting along.

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03 Aug 2017 10:15:58
Would Chelsea's interest from his Monaco days be reignited? He's still a quality player.

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea were interested in him a less than half what MU paid for him and it was when JM was head coach.}

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03 Aug 2017 22:40:25
I take it that means "no", Ed002 :-) Cheers!

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31 Jul 2017 01:03:36
Good evening Ed, How close are Milan to signing Renato Sanches?

{Ed002's Note - I have no way of measuring "close".}

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26 Jul 2017 01:55:38
Hi Eds. I was wondering if there are any bids for Dybala? I saw his manager said he was okay if he left and I read Arsenal have asked about him. Is there a possibility for Arsenal to actually get him?

Thanks :)

{Ed002's Note - There have been no bids yet and Arsenal will not be signing him.}

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27 Jul 2017 02:02:08
Shame about that. Love him.

Thank you for the reply Ed002. Appreciate your help :)

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23 Jul 2017 09:17:50
Hello Eds! Apart from Chelsea, who else holds an interest in Alex Sandro from Juve? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Real Madrid but they have now recruited someone else to replace Coentrao.}

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23 Jul 2017 09:41:11
Interesting. Thanks for the update!

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22 Jul 2017 15:47:55
Hey guys. I understand you'll be busy, but can you give us a little list or info of Juve's targets left this summer. are they looking to reinforce the mid matuidi/ Emre can/ and more importantly Milinkovic-Savic?

{Ed002's Note - It looks something like this Andy.
Key targets completed:
Wojciech Szczesny (GK) - Done
Medhi Benatia (CB) - Done
Juan Cuadrado (RW) - Done but will be sold on or used in part exchange in all probability
Douglas Costa (LW) - Loan to buy agreed
Mattia De Sciglio (RB) - Done
Rodrigo Bentancur (CM) - Done but may just go out on loan

Still in the market for:
Centre Back
Kostas Manolas (CB) - Likely first choice and a player has been offered as part of the deal
Mats Hummels (CB)
Virgil van Dijk (CB)
Inago Martinez (CB)
Jose Gimenez (CB)
Alessio Romagnoli (CB)
Kalidou Koulibaly (CB)
Stefan De Vrij (CB)
Thiago Silva (CB) - Interest gone

Left Back:
AN Other (if Alex Sandro leaves)

Defensive Midfield:
Emre Can (DM/CM)
Nemanja Matic (DM)
Axel Witsel (DM) - interest gone
Fabinho (DM) - interest gone

Central Midfield:
Renato Sanches (CM)
Blaise Matuidi (CM)
Leon Goretzka (CM)
Andre Gomes (CM - very unlikely now
Marco Verratti (CM) - very unlikely now
Toni Kroos (CM) - very unlikely now
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (CM) - interest gone
Cesc Fabregas (CM) - Interest gone

Frederico Bernardeschi (F)
Keita Balde Diao (F)
Riyad Mahrez (RW)
Angel Di Maria (RW) - looks unlikely
Patrik Schick (S) - Move agreed but arument over the need for a second medical - now unlikely
Inaki Williams (RW) - interest has moved to another Italian side
Marco Asensio (LW) - interersted sides have been told he is not for sale
Gabriel Boschilia (LW) - injury will put it on hold
Kylian Mbappe (F) - won't happen
Alexis Sanchez (F) - interest gone
AN Other (if Paulo Dybala leaves leaves)

Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) - for 2018 or later

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22 Jul 2017 22:22:22
Fantastic. Some names in there I've not seen mentioned. Others I'm disappointed the interest is gone.
Didn't realise the cb position was going to be an issue. Perfect time for Rugani to step up. Bernadeschi is a done deal so I believe and it's a shame about shick. To me it seems more a business issue than a medical. Ie didn't realise they'd get Costa and bernadeschi.
Thanks for your time. Its appreciated much.

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24 Jul 2017 12:26:26
😊😊. Great read Ed002. I don't suppose you could do a Chelsea one please? Thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - Not right now Adam.}

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Southampton Season Review

22 Jul 2017 11:30:10
{Ed's Note - We have posted a new article entitled, Southampton Season Review

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21 Jul 2017 19:46:09
Ed02 please could you tell me the name of the striker arsenal are trying to buy? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Arsenal has enquired after the availability of Benzema but has been told that (a) another side has also enquired (Milan), (b) they expect PSG who want a leading French player to join to also be interested, and (c) it depends on their replacement being available.}

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20 Jul 2017 18:02:56
Ed, has anything changed regarding Sandro of Juve. One minute I hear he's leaving the next he's staying. Is there an update you can pass On? Many thanks.

{Ed002's Note - No, the situation remains as it was.}

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20 Jul 2017 18:58:04
Thankyou Ed much appreciated.

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20 Jul 2017 13:29:34
Hi eds,
Thanks for your work through the transfer period. Was just wondering if there have been any developments on the transfer of milinkovic-savic?

{Ed002's Note - There is still interest in him but Lazio say he is staying after signing a new contract.}

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