06 Aug 2021 13:57:33
Good afternoon Ed002; wishing you a good day. Please Ed when you have time can you help explain in details-

A) The reason why Messi and Barcelona could not reach an agreement.

B) What Laporta means by Barcelona not having enough salary margin from his words below.

"It's over, despite reaching an agreement with the player, the deal could not be formalised. We don't have enough salary margin and LaLiga is not flexible in terms of extending that limit. "

Ed, I know I could be asking much but please help your guy.

{Ed002's Note - (a) They did reach agreement but La Liga rules are clear and Barcelona need to make reductions in salary costs to meet the annual cap - and that means moving on high earning players. (b) He means that Barcelona are not able to spend huge amounts of money on wages and cannot sign him on the terms that were agreed. They are selling players to reduce wages. Other clubs have the same issue - Atletico for example.}

1.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 14:23:49
Thank you.

2.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 15:45:52
Ed002 if Messi signs for PSG I would not think he would take the pay cut he was going to at Barcelona. with the signings all ready made by PSG how would they stay in the FFP bracket. Is the french league not having big financial problems. If he does sign they must have the biggest wage bill of any team in world sport.

{Ed002's Note - The French League has suffered far worse than other leagues. PSG do not have an FFP issue and they have players moving on. They will be discussing his demands and putting some sort of deal on the table very soon.}

3.) 07 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021 16:50:25
Barca wanted to pay 2 years salary across 5 years to meet league rules and La Liga said no.

La Liga have massively devalued their League.

La Liga is in decline and EPL looks so strong comparatively to rest of Europe. You can see why the ESL was so important.

4.) 08 Aug 2021
08 Aug 2021 12:21:15
Maybe I'm missing something.

Messi is crying in a press conference and it appears that this is bigger than football for him.

So why not just sign a considerably smaller contract.

Tom Brady did this for years to ensure that his team could invest elsewhere.

Not a criticism, it just seems like money shouldn't be an issue in this situation.

Maybe I'm missing the point, if the pooint is not his wages.

{Ed002's Note - It is a Barcelona wage issue, not just a Messi wage issue. This is why they need to move Griezmann on aswell.}