14 Aug 2020 22:32:27
Ed, out of interest do you still hold a high opinion of Setien? What do you think has gone wrong at Barca.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t know which Ed this is addressed at.}

1.) 14 Aug 2020
14 Aug 2020 23:03:18
Ed01 I believe, apologies. I recall him speaking very highly of him. I'd appreciate either of your views on Setien at Barcelona however.

{Ed001's Note - Barca have been a mess for years and Setien was brought in to be a fall guy as no one wanted him there. The club is being run by players with far too much power and it is in need of ripping up and starting again. Setien was never going to do anything but fail, it is a club at war with itself.}

2.) 14 Aug 2020
14 Aug 2020 23:23:28
Yeah it didn't appear that the players had much desire to play under Setien. If nothing changes, would you expect the next manager to face the same sort of fate? Also, what do you suppose the future might hold for Setien? Another opportunity at another La Liga side further down the table perhaps?

{Ed001's Note - there will be a change of president at Barca so it will all change.

Setien will be back in La Liga i am sure.}

3.) 14 Aug 2020
14 Aug 2020 23:33:09
I 100% agree with you Ed001. Personally it's time to say to goodbye to Messi. But good luck to any club taking his wage on. Newell Old Boys I can see but not for a few years. I don't have a clue where to start to re-boot the club where it needs to be.

{Ed001's Note - Inter Miami would surely be his destination if he leaves?}

4.) 15 Aug 2020
15 Aug 2020 01:23:04
I agree.

There’s no doubting Messi’s amazing career or that he still has the ability to do amazing things, but he has too much freedom to offer nothing else to the game.

In my opinion, If you’re going to accept that when he’s in possession is the only time he’s going to offer you something, then you need a hard working team to cover those falls. But they don’t have that. A bunch of show ponies and fairies, that are lazy, past it or just aren’t good enough. There seems no clear plan or cohesion there. I really do think they are better off just stripping it down and rebuilding again.

5.) 16 Aug 2020
16 Aug 2020 23:23:14
I feel Messi is a great player but iniesta and xavi made him that great player.