18 Feb 2020 08:51:47
Hi to all and sundry, I've been using this site for years almost exclusively for the eds amazing knowledge, ( it's helped educate myself and others in the insane workings of football) so thanks to everyone . I'd be grateful if anyone could answer my question . Barcelona have been reported to have been given permission to sign an emergency replacement for Dembele ( played about 10 games I think) , on what grounds was this granted and is there precedent for other clubs in Spain or other clubs in europe?

{Ed002's Note - Transfer rules are set by individual FAs and in Spain a club can obtain a medical report stating the injury will keep the player out for five months or more the club can request permission to sign a replacement (from La Liga or Segunda Division) who will be allowed to replace him in the La Liga squad only. In England clubs are allowed to sign GKs on an emergency basis if required.}

1.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 09:11:39
Thank you for the reply and your time ed, very much appreciated have a good day.

{Ed002's Note - And you.}

2.) 20 Feb 2020
20 Feb 2020 17:22:55

It seems a bizzare rule that the club which sells cannot replace the player? Is this not a bit unfair or is the issue more complex than it seems? I guess given you can only sign a player from another La Liga club it stops an avalanche of transfers for each team to replace their player they’ve lost.


{Ed002's Note - It is indeed unfair, hence the pressure to change it.}

3.) 20 Feb 2020
20 Feb 2020 18:47:26
Hi ed, did leganes have ths ability to keep the player or was there a certain clause that meant there hands were tied? If so I think its slightly unfair they also are not allowed to go into the market. A club of Barcelona stature should be able to promote youth ot play a player out of position for a few mo ths imo.

{Ed002's Note - The wasy it works in Spain is that every player has to have a "buy out" clause and that no tax is due on the amount paid by the player - as it will have come from another club. This is very different to other countries, but they are binding if the player agrees. The ideal solution, if it is to exist at all, is to say they can only recruit a player who is out of contract or available from a club in a country where the transfer window has at least three days to run.}

4.) 21 Feb 2020
21 Feb 2020 07:40:57
What I find most bizarre in this transfer saga, is that Barcelona somehow think Martin Braithwaite is their best option in this case. As a Dane I have followed the player pretty closely, and that Barcelona don't have a youth player who can do a job as well as Braithwaite. Also, it's a massive (! ) price for a player of his quality, a long contract and a high release clause. Isn't that a bit short-sighted if Barcelona are looking to sell him already this summer?

A small, cruel but peculiar bit of information about Braithwaite that you guys might not know is that his name is pronounced "Brathwaite", not Braithwaite - some generations ago, one of his kin was wrongfully written in some sort of book by a slave owner as Braithwaite, instead of Brathwaite which was the real last name of the family.