28 Jan 2020 12:02:06
Hi ED002,

I hope your travels have been safe and fruitful. Just following back up on Saul, does it seem as if he will stay at Athletico this window?


{Ed002's Note - I cant be certain but the interested sides are likely looking to the summer for the actual transfer - one may look to negotiate earlier.}

1.) 28 Jan 2020
28 Jan 2020 14:14:21
Cheers ED002.

2.) 30 Jan 2020
30 Jan 2020 11:09:24
Any chance you could tell us who the interested sides are Ed? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Manchester City may well look to early negotiations. Interest has gone, at least for now, from Bayern Munich and PSG interest is on hold pending a new coach. Manchester United interest in Saul Niguez will have gone if Pogba takes advice decides to run down his contract next season (because the club are holding him to ransom and have no Champions League).}

3.) 30 Jan 2020
30 Jan 2020 15:31:44
would this change if united were to get top 4 this season ed or win the Europa as in pogba running his contract down, would he then want to stay or is it a case of either sell or lose him on a free.

{Ed002's Note - He wants to leave and resume playing. He does not want to be at Manchester United.}

4.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 09:59:13
Not being funny but he could concentrate on football, get himself fit and play for Utd and honour the contact both and his agent negotiated. Unless someone comes in with a bid that matches the club’s valuation I really don’t see what the issue is?

{Ed002's Note - The issue is he wants to get his career back on track. Players come and go all of the time.}

5.) 02 Feb 2020
02 Feb 2020 11:32:03
I have no argument there Ed, but the way he is going about it is odd - is he injured or just not playing ball - literally?

{Ed002's Note - The club have confirmed that he is "injured".}