15 Sep 2019 21:42:11
Hello Eds. I suppose you have already heard a lot about him and that I'm late to the party, having only heard of him now, so I figured I would ask you what your thoughts are about this new, wonderful player Ansu Fati? He seems to have come out of nowhere, and although I have only seen short clips on youtube, he really does seem like an extraordinary talent. Is it something people close to Barcelona have seen coming? Or is it also a huge surprise to them?
Also makes me wonder: are there any players that are perhaps not so famous to us casual football-viewers, that you think will turn out to be really big talents this season?
One can never love when a new Messi, Mbappe etc shows up out of seemingly nowhere :)

{Ed001's Note - he was well known, the only surprise is that he has stepped up so soon. As for your question about really big talents, I have no idea who would or wouldn't be well known to casual football-viewers mate.}

1.) 15 Sep 2019
15 Sep 2019 22:20:13
Makes sense - I see how that's a pretty hard question to answer ;)

{Ed001's Note - one day someone will figure out how telepathy and I will be able to answer that for you! The problem is we get so many names thrown at us (well I do, I assume the other editors do too) on the sites, that it is hard to know who knows what any more. We are in a bit of a bubble here in regards to that.}