1.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 11:25:50
I'd hardly say you got it wrong ed, me and majority of posters know things change on a day to day basis. Yours and the other Ed's info is greatly appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - Obviously I got it wrong when I said the move was unlikely this summer - hence it being thrown in my face. I won’t be sharing anything like the amount of information in the future.}

2.) 08 Aug 2019
08 Aug 2019 16:04:46
Cheers fornax,

You absolute plebs.

3.) 09 Aug 2019
09 Aug 2019 10:24:35
I don't think he was taking a dog at you, Ed, more like asking if the situation's changed.

{Ed002's Note - OK - I will stop completely on these pages.}

4.) 09 Aug 2019
09 Aug 2019 12:01:47
I think this is an issue on the site, we all know the Ed's are great with the Info they provide but people take this as absolute gospel .
Seem to completely forget that the situations are complicated, fluid and can change at any moment .
Never seen any of the Ed's say this will 100% happen or this won't change,