02 Aug 2017 20:14:07
If ed002 is available, and willing to give a little insight, I was just wondering how PSG will finance Neymar and not break any financial rules? The figures being thrown around are astonishing, and I wouldn't have thought any team would have been able to finance such a deal, unless they sell a lot of players for lot of money.

I know we don't understand the financial side of football but if you could give any brief insight, I'd love to read it. If not, no worries.


{Ed002's Note - The transfer fee would not be an FFP issue in any one year for a number of clubs but it would be an issue for any club looking to do any other significant business over forthcoming years. As an example, in the past Messi has turned down a transfer to one side who had agreed to meet Barcelona's then €250M price tag, and Barcelona and a commercial partner resisted an approach by a commercial organisation on behalf of an English side with an offer to buy, or at least part fund, the purchase of the player. I am aware that in Spain there has been speculation about an offer being made during the summer 2014 transfer window, but it is "largely" incorrect. This all started in 2012 when in mid December Anzhi made an offer to Barcelona that matched the €250M euro release clause that existed in his contract, and put up what I am told was a "very" significant personal package. However, Messi was not interested in a move to Russia and Barcelona did not want and had no obligation to sell - so Messi, in early February 2013, extended his contract with Barcelona. In the early summer of 2013 efforts were being made by Adidas to broker a deal that would get Messi away from Nike and to one of their three high-profile clubs that they were invoved with at the time. Very quickly Real Madrid were ruled out and with Pep Guardiola moving to Bayern Munich that pretty much saw the end of any chance of a move there (given the strained relationship) at the time. This left Chelsea, and I can confirm that discussions were held about making a firm bid - at this point we are in late 2013 and early 2014 and Messi was in a verbal spat with Barcelona about getting a further extension - which the club were against. Ultimately, the player was (at least in his eyes) available during the Spring of 2014 and at that point Chelsea and Adidas made his management representatives and Barcelona aware of what they would be willing to do to make a transfer happen. Since then he has again extended his contract with Barcelona and Chelsea and Adidas have parted company. A number of questions were asked of representatives of UEFA in December 2014 regarding the transfer of the financially very high-end players (Messi, Neymar etc.) and the impact on FFP. It is clear that exceptions would need to be put in place as the alternative could be lawsuits from players regarding restrictions on trade.

In the case of Neymar PSG still need to stay with FFP but there will be a little flexibility. The fee itself is less of an issue than the wages and other costs are. PSG has spent very little this summer and know that they can raise additional funds through various sponsorship deals, some image rights and of course throuh player sales to balance the books. PSG are actively trying to move on a number of players whilst they also remain interested in Sanchez. Those players include some who have very high wages and a decent value - so that will take a serious bite out of the costs. From a marketing perspective Neymar can bring in a great deal via endorsements and we may eventually see as part of the deal some of that transfered to PSG. They also have a relatively low income kit deal - expect a significant jump in that.

Regardless of all of this, by the end of June 2018 they need to be back on track FFP wise. UEFA already monitor all clubs previously banned or subject to prior sanctions. It is a long list and PSG are on it, so UEFA will be monitoring the situation.}

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03 Aug 2017 12:40:01
Ed, why would la liga get involved in the Neymar deal and worry that psg aren't complying with FFP. What does it matter to la liga if they're not compliant.

{Ed002's Note - La Liga don't have any say in FFP compliance and they don't monitor any sides beyond Spain. They are involved only because transfer payments pass through each FA when payment is made - they have to deal with any outstanding payments before the transfer can happen - so they can delay matters if there is a financial dispute between any parties until it is resolved.}

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03 Aug 2017 13:08:09
Excellent read, thank you for taking that time ed, much appreciated.

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03 Aug 2017 13:44:44
Thanks ed.

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03 Aug 2017 18:00:08
Good Q bren great answer ed. Thanks.

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Nice insight Ed. Thanks for the read.

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Thanks edd 002.